Ship shampoo

Ship shampoo from Schoonschip is a nice shampoo to work with.

This shampoo has a dry preservation, which looks like a layer of wax has been applied, but wax is a kind of fat that attracts the dirt and does not repels it.

This preservative shampoo actually repels dirt and water, and dries pearl-like.
The consumption will also amaze you. For the best consumption, you can use a dilution of 1:200. This means that you almost have this shampoo for free.

Painting a ship costs a lot of money and is a time-consuming job. If you use a degreasing cleaning agent, you will see that the paint starts to become dull after a few weeks. You then start working with a wax product to have your paint completely polished again, with the result that you have to repeat this process again after a few weeks.

With the use of this shampoo that has become unnecessary. Your paint stays fresh and shiny.

If you want to start working with this shampoo, we recommend that you first thoroughly clean your ship with our super cleaner. This cleaner has a strong degreasing capacity and removes all dirt in no time, including the black stripes under the windows.

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