Durk Toering

Durk Toering

Ready for winter with TSS Maritime

Drinking water antifreeze Unfortunately, the sailing season is already over, which means that your boat must be prepared for winter.Fortunately, we at TSS Maritiem have everything for your boat to get through this winter. Think of Drinking water antifreeze for…

Ship shampoo

Ship shampoo from Schoonschip is a nice shampoo to work with. This shampoo has a dry preservation, which looks like a layer of wax has been applied, but wax is a kind of fat that attracts the dirt and does not…

Super cleaner

Schoonschip products have a very broad target group, these products are often used in inland shipping.The Super Cleaner in particular, this cleaner has an extremely high concentrate and can in many cases be used to remove dirt and other contaminants,…

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