Super cleaner

Schoonschip products have a very broad target group, these products are often used in inland shipping.
The Super Cleaner in particular, this cleaner has an extremely high concentrate and can in many cases be used to remove dirt and other contaminants, because this cleaner does that with ease.

Super cleaner can honestly be called a super cleaner, this cleaner removes the heaviest dirt from your ship car or pavement tiles, this multifunctional cleaner is an indispensable product, and does its job as it should.

Super cleaner is extremely suitable for heavily soiled surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. The product can be used for polluted ships, but also for dinghies, the deckhouse, in the engine room and the home.

The product removes heavy dirt, oil, grease, nicotine, yellowing, old wax residues, soot, gas oil, cargo pollution, atmospheric pollution, greasy clay, tree resin, insect droppings, etc.

Some examples from practice are: black leak stripes under the windows and rubbers. Especially if your paint is fresh. Dried fly and spider droppings on your paint and polyester. A leaky exhaust, so that everything is covered in soot. Leakage of gas oil, which gives a yellow discolouration. Greasy cover plates in your engine room, which endangers your safety. All contamination in the home such as nicotine on walls and ceilings, grease deposits from cooking in the galley, stains in upholstery and carpeting. It also does not emulsify. This means that Super Cleaner ensures that the pollution (eg oil and fats) remains separated from product and water. For example, if you are going to scrub your engine, no large chemical liquid will form, but the oil and fats will remain separated from the Super Cleaner and the water.

In short: Super cleaner removes that pollution that no other product safely removes.

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